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The Oxyven-Device Dr. H.S. Regelsberger GmbH & Co. KG was founded in the year 1975. Dr. med. Regelsberger (neurologist/neurosurgeon from Detmold) has done intensive research on intravenous application of minute amounts of oxygen and has been able to determine its therapeutic effect. Thus, it became his great desire to standardize the implementation of this particular application with its sophisticated device.

Application methods have been developed in continuous stages to make the safety related highly sophisticated oxygen-application device from company Helkueb OHG available.

It is dose dependable and best suitable for flow–monitoring intravenous oxygen-insufflation in the medicine sector. Optimum support for our customers in the supervision of the practical application of this specific application device in practice is of particular importance to us. In this specific way, the customers receive a detailed instruction in their practice.

This specified therapy founded by Dr. med. Regelsberger has been implemented by over 1000 therapists - according to details of the international society for oxygen-nierungstherapie e.V. (www.oxyvenierung.com).

Applimed O² 1000

The intravenous oxygen application

You can get indications and details to the thirty year research development in the therapy method of the intravenous oxygen-application carried out by Dr. med. H.S. Regelsberger in

would you please inform yourself in the appropriate regulations, panels or by the International Society of Oxyvenierungstherapie e.V.

Applimed-O2 1000 controls the exact and reliable application of medical oxygen in the intravenous method in a dosage in a range between 1 to 2ml/min. Oxygen is a very important component in complementary medicine.

Oxygen leads to the intensified formation of the blood flow and antithrombotic hormone Prostacyclin. It is formed in the lung endothelium. Result is a strong vascular dilation in the complete body structure (an average increase of Prostacycline of more than 800%; according to an article written by Prof. Dr. J.C. Frölich - Hannover Medical School).

An eosinophilia is initiated by applying oxygen. The eosinophilic granulocytes are capable of forming the 15-lipoxygenase-1, with oxygen release from the arachidonic acid cascade. The leukotriene synthesis is being blocked by this process. The anti-inflammatory effect has been confirmed by the work of Prof. Dr. sc. Med. Hartmut Kühn - Charite Berlin. Further literature is available through our: Contact.

Exhibitions and seminars

March 2019

08.03. - 10.03.

8. Kongress Ganzheitliche Medizin
Bergheim bei Köln
mit Vortrag am Freitag 11-13 Uhr
Erfolgreiches Behandlungskonzept bei Gefäßerkrankungen

please refer: https://www.wickert-kongress.de

15.03. - 16.03.

Int. Gesellschaft für Regenerative Mitochondrienmedizin
Vortrag am 15. März

please refer: https://www.mito-medizin.de

16.03. - 17.03.

mit Vortrag Samstag, 16. März
15.30 – 16.30 Uhr Intravenöse Sauerstofftherapie – ohne Eigenblut
Raum 1, Dirk Zaloudek, Heilpraktiker

please refer: https://www.interbiologica.de

April 2019

04.04. - 07.04.

DGFAN- Kongress
Samstag 06. April, 10.30- 12.00 Uhr
Vortrag Dr.med.S. Popat, Präsident der Gesellschaft

27.04 - 28.04.

52. Heilpraktiker – Kongress

please refer: https://www.kongressbadenbaden.de/

May 2019

17.05. - 18.05.

9. Kongress für komplementäre Krebstherapie
Mit Vortrag Dr.med. Henning Saupe, Freitag 17. Mai 14.30- 15.20 Uhr

June 2019


Jahreshauptversammlung der Intern. Gesellschaft für Oxyvenierung e.V.
VITALCENTER – Neuss Kaarster Straße 250, 41462 Neuss

please refer: http://www.oxyvenierung.com/

July 2019


Heilpraktiker-Kongress des Südens

please refer: https://www.heilpraktikerkongressdessuedens.de

September 2019

28.09. - 29.09.

INNOVEUTIKA 2019 – Kongress für innovative komplementäre Heilkunde
Workshop am Sonntag, 29.09.2019 Erfolgreiche Infusionskonzepte mit Intravenöser Sauerstoffapplikation – ohne Eigenblut und hochwertigen Infusionen bei Gefäßerkrankungen, Entzündungen und Erschöpfung

please refer: https://www.innoveutika.de/

October 2019

30.10. - 03.11.

53. Medizinische Woche
Zertifizierungskurs IOT am Samstag, 02.November
In Planung

please refer: http://www.medwoche.de/index.htm


Should you need further information to our oxygen-application and to our oxyven therapy according to Dr. med. Regelsberger. – Just leave us a message; we will enjoy supporting you.

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